Salman Khan seeks contempt action against KRK for defamatory remarks

Salman Khan filed a contempt case against Kamaal R Khan for continuing to make defamatory statements despite his client’s lawyer assured the court that he would stop.

Salman Khan, filed a motion in a court in Mumbai on Monday, seeking that contempt actions be initiated against actor Kamaal R Khan for continuing to make derogatory statements after an undertaking not to do so.

The application was filed as part of Salman’s defamation claim, which sought to prevent Kamaal R Khan from directly or indirectly creating and publishing videos or other information about the actor, his commercial interests, and films/projects.


When the defamation complaint was heard last month, Kamaal R Khan’s lawyer, Manoj Gadkari, informed the court that his client will not make any more defamatory statements or statements against Salman until the next hearing date.

Salman has filed a defamation suit against Kamaal R Khan in response to the latter’s review of the recently released Hindi film Radhe.

Salman’s lawyer, Pradip Ghandy, told Additional Sessions Judge C V Marathe on Monday that, despite the guarantee, Kamaal R Khan continued to post derogatory tweets.

“This is contempt of court,” Pradip Ghandy argued.

Kamaal R Khan was then charged with contempt of court. The court heard arguments on the motion and scheduled a hearing on June 11.

The court ordered that until then, Kamaal R Khan’s attorney Manoj Gadkari’s previous statement shall stand.