Salman Khan house shooting case: Police recover gun used by shooters in Surat’s Tapi river – WATCH

On Tuesday, April 23, cops seized a gun and three magazines used to conceal the rifle from the Tapi River.

The Mumbai police have been working closely on the Salman Khan house fire case, and they have just launched a search operation in the Tapi River in Surat to locate the pistol used by two gunmen in a shooting incident.

According to the authorities, they uncovered a firearm and live ammunition used in the shooting. On Monday, April 22, the Mumbai Crime Branch revealed that the shooters who allegedly fired outside Salman Khan’s house at the Galaxy Apartment in Bandra were told to discharge ten rounds of ammunition.


On Tuesday, April 23, cops recovered a gun and three magazines which the suspects used to cover the gun with from the Tapi River.

During their interrogation by the investigative agency, the bikers admitted to throwing the gun into the Tapi River in Surat after successfully carrying out the incident.

“The Mumbai Crime Branch has escorted the accused, Vicky Gupta, to the Surat Tapi River, where they threw the gun. The Mumbai crime branch further stated that other sections could be included in this case,” said officials.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, Anmol Bishnoi, was found to be in direct contact with shooters Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta via internet calls.

These two individuals allegedly earned Rs 1 lakh in advance for the shot, with the promise of an additional Rs 3 lakh upon completion of the task. Their involvement became evident when they used their phones to communicate with Anmol.