Salman Khan firing case: ‘Tiger 3’ actor will resume work, asks team to not change plans

Actor Salman Khan will continue to work following the firing incident on Sunday morning (April 14). According to sources, Khan wants to downplay the firing incident.

Following the gunshot outside his Galaxy Apartment early Sunday, April 14, Bollywood actor Salman Khan will continue to work on his upcoming projects. According to sources, the actor has directed his team members not to cancel any activities and to follow his schedule. According to insiders, he doesn’t want to dwell on the dismissal incident.

Salman is not currently filming any films, but he does have a few partnerships and marketing campaigns lined up. According to insiders, the ‘Tiger 3’ actor would maintain his original work schedule and make no changes.


According to one source, “Salman is very focused on carrying out his work as previously planned.” He does not want to bring attention to those responsible for the shooting because he believes it is exactly what they want. Instead, he has told friends and colleagues in the profession not to worry. He also advised them not to visit Galaxy Apartments because it was getting inconvenient for other community members.

Sources also denied that the actor planned to move residence or migrate to another flat as a result of the firing.

Following the fire, Arbaaz Khan, Shura Khan, former Minister Baba Siddique, his sister Arpita Khan, brother-in-law Aayush Sharma, nephew Arhaan, and many more paid him a visit.

On April 14, two people riding a motorbike fired four shots outside Salman’s residence in Bandra. There were no casualties or injuries reported. The incident occurred around 4:51 a.m. on April 14, when the attackers fired bullets near Galaxy Apartments before fleeing the scene.