Saif Ali Khan lost 70% of his earning once-talks about his experience

Actor Saif Ali Khan shares his experience of losing his earned money on property deals years ago.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, in a candid conversation, shares how he was scammed a few years on a property deal in Mumbai due to which he had lost almost 70 percent of his earnings. On speaking about the investment that he did in office space, the actor said, “A few years ago I was scammed and it had to do all with the property. They told me I would get it in their years and yet here I am,event got anything. This made me lose almost 70 percent of everything from my hard-earned money till that time.”

On hoping he would get possession of the property recently, he revealed he still got the office space, and on top of it all the pandemic hit, which made things even harder.


During the same conversation, Saif Ali Kahn also reveals his bizarre experience with one of his fans. He thought back to how one day he got ‘really scared’ when an unknown woman barged into their ‘old flat’ one day, a couple of years ago.

Talking further about the same, the actor shared how the women just barged in and looked at him,saying-‘so this is where you live’. Apparently, the woman looked well dressed and like nothing was wrong, walked into his property, maybe that’s why nobody stopped her. Kareena Kapoor reacts to the situation, where she asked Saif,’ Arent you going to say something?’.Saif Ali Khan admits his nerves being scared after the encounter and eventually asked the unknown woman to leave, who then turned around and walked.