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RRR star Ram Charan appears on US Tv show: Good Morning America

Ram Charan, a well-known Telugu actor, visited New York to appear on Good Morning America. Prior to the Oscars, he has been promoting his picture RRR.


Actor Ram Charan was invited to participate in the renowned talk show Good Morning America in New York while he was visiting the US in advance of the Academy Awards in 2023. Outside the venue, Ram Charan was surrounded by fans as he arrived for the show. He even stopped to take photographs with a few of them.

Ram Charan discussed the success of RRR and SS Rajamouli as well as his anxiety of being a “new dad” as part of the programme.

Ram Charan waiting to join the show.


Talking about the film and Rajamouli, he said: “RRR is a film about great friendship. Brotherhood and camaraderie. It’s about the two characters (Ram and Bheem). It’s also one of the best writings of my director, Rajamouli. He’s known as Steven Spielberg of India. I hope he’s going to make his way towards global cinema very soon.”

Speaking of RRR, Ram Charan said: “It is not just RRR, it is Indian cinema and its technicians that are being honoured. Just when we thought we had achieved everything in India and were set to move on to the next project, the West just showed us this is the beginning.”

Ram stated he does not have much time right now because he travels a lot to discuss how he’s coping with the fear of becoming a father. “I’m basically doing a lot of packing and unpacking.” He continued by saying that his wife Upasana would spend a lot of time in the US before to the baby’s birth.


Ram Charan with the hosts on Good Morning America.

Ram Charan clicks a selfie with fans outside the venue.

The film RRR, which was directed by SS Rajamouli, features the song Naatu Naatu, which has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. Naatu Naatu has gained international acclaim. The song has the crowds cheering and dancing in the aisles at all the recent western showing of RRR. Many videos of western theatregoers dancing to the song in recent months have appeared on social media.

RRR, a fictional tale set in the 1920s before India became independent, was released in theatres last March. It is based on the lives of two genuine heroes and well-known revolutionaries, Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem. Tarak was portrayed as Bheem while Ram Charan played Ram.

Around 1000 crore were made during the movie’s theatrical run. Prior to the Oscars in 2023, the movie will receive a significant re-release in the US on March 3.