Rohit Sharma trolls Aamir Khan says, ‘2 saal mein 1 hit deke koi hitman nahi banjata’ - WATCH | Business Upturn

Rohit Sharma trolls Aamir Khan says, ‘2 saal mein 1 hit deke koi hitman nahi banjata’ – WATCH

In a recent video, Aamir R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi make fun of cricketers for switching to acting and the actors make fun of the cricketers for showing interest in acting.


Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, and Sharman Joshi will not be working together on the 3 Idiots sequel, it has finally been revealed. Instead, they are pushing a cricket betting app that would pit actors against cricketers.

In a new video advertisement for Dream 11, Aamir, Madhavan, and Sharman conduct a press conference where they make fun of cricketers for entering the acting industry by appearing in several television advertisements. As a result, they declare that they will invade the cricket pitch.

“Toh humne socha ye log acting mein busy hain to cricket hum kar lete hain (so we decided that since they are busy in acting, we can play cricket),” says Aamir. However, the video also includes reactions from various cricketers who mock them instead, with Ravichandran Ashwin saying, “bolne ke liye paisa nahi lagta hai bhai (talking is free).”



It shows several cricketers laughing and mocking the three actors for their idea of playing cricket. Commenting on Aamir, Rohit Sharma says, “Lagaan mein cricket khelke koi cricketer nahi ban jata (one doesn’t become a cricketer by playing in a film).” Mocking him instead, Madahvan points out how Aamir is the one who has given ‘real hits’ in his career. But Rohit mocks Aamir again, saying, “2 sal mein ek hit deke koi Hitman nahi ban jata (one doesn’t become a Hitman by giving 1 hit film in 2 years).”

When the actors point out Aamir’s 300 crore films, Jasprit Bumrah asks them if can ever play 150 on the field. Talking about how difficult it can get on the field for the actors, Hardik Pandya says, “ek bouncer aayega, zameen pe aajaoge (if just one bouncer hits you, you will fall to the ground).”

Aamir, Sharman, and R Madhavan have been creating the atmosphere for the brand advertisement for quite some time, giving their fans the impression that they were genuinely working on a 3 Idiots sequel. Even Kareena Kapoor shared a video on Friday in which she questioned why she was not informed whether a sequel was being prepared.