Rohit Roy on his 22 years of ‘happily’ marital life with Manasi Joshi Roy; “It’s about commitment”

‘Mumbai Saga’ actor Rohit Bose Roy speaks about his 22 years of happily married life and what makes the marriage successful.

Indian actor Rohit Bose Roy, who was lately making headlines for his astonishing physical transformation in an exclusive conversation with, the actor gets candid about his marriage, his relationships with his ex-colleagues and more.

When questioned, how the marriage work, Rohit who has already lived a happily married life for 22 years with Manasi Joshi Roy, said, “There is no marriage that doesn’t go through its ups and downs. Especially in the world today, there are so many stresses to be dealt with, so many targets to be met, so every relationship goes through a roller coaster. With Mansi and I, we have had our fair share of struggle, but our intrinsic relationship is so strong that we have never entertained the thought that one day we might look at the opposite sides of the coin.”
Speaking about dicey love among youths, Roy said, “I say this with a lot of conviction because I feel today’s youth gives up on a relationship too early. Even in your work, you keep on trying till you succeed. It’s all about resilience, so is marriage. When someone says there is no love anymore, it’s bullshit. Marriage is about commitment and love is something that keeps fluctuating. But intrinsically if you are fond of your partner. Love will always be around. It’s just because of layers and layers of turmoil and stress, sometimes we don’t look through them, but love is always there. But eventually, if you fall out of love, then there is no point in staying in a relationship.”
He further added, “Fortunately for me and Mansi, she is the better one and I am the more difficult one to live with. I have made my fair share of mistakes in our relationship but she is always the right one. As an actor, I feel you have certain quirks but then to that, she replies that even though she is also an actor, she doesn’t, so I never have an answer to that. So, I always tell her that you are from another planet”.
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