RJ Anmol confessed his insecurity while dating Amrita Rao: ‘Wasn’t easy to date a heroine’

The couple Amrita Rao-RJ Anmol revealed the story behind the insecurity in their vlog.

The actress Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol, who tie the knot six years ago had managed to keep their love life under the bay. The news of their wedding came as a shocker to everyone as they kept their dating a secret and announced their wedding in 2016. In the recent vlog on their YouTube channel, the couple is seen uncovering their dating days which are making headlines on every news Portal.

In the YouTube video, Anmol was seen talking about his insecurity while dating the actress Amrita. The confession started when Amrita said that her co-stars’ girlfriends used to be insecure with her being around. “I have experienced this that whenever I’d be on shoots, my co-stars’ girlfriends, who were heroines themselves, were very very insecure,”


To this revelation by wife Amrita, Anmol replied, “I can understand the reason for their insecurity. Because their (respective) boyfriends were shooting with a very beautiful girl”. Likewise, he also uncovered Amrita’s habit of not replying to his messages when she was on a shoot, not even during lunch breaks these things always made him feel insecure.

“I never kept it inside me. I opted for communication. I spoke to Amrita. I said ‘Yaar, when you don’t reply to my messages, my heart starts pounding. And one more thing, nobody knew about our affair. So, all those people on her sets thought she was single. No boyfriend. So, my insecurity was multiplied by 10,” expressed Anmol in the vlog.

Now the couple is enjoying a happy married life and got blessed with their first child Veer in November 2020.