RIP Poonam Pandey: Here are her top 5 controversies

These controversies will shock you!

The death of Poonam Pandey has shocked the entire country. The Lock Upp fame died on Thursday, February 1, as she suddenly collapsed in her Mumbai home. The last public appearance of the model Poonam Pandey was in Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp. Pandey’s name was associated with controversy throughout his career. Here are some of the controversies the actress was associated with

Her promise to ‘strip’ if India won the World Cup semifinal


Poonam Pandey became an Internet sensation after she declared in a video message before the 2011 Cricket World Cup semifinal that if India won the final match, she would strip. Her audacious declaration drew everyone’s attention. However, the BCCI did not give her permission to do so.

Leaked Bathroom Video
Poonam Pandey was famous for her bold and fierce-looking photos. At one point,  social media was shocked by a leaked bathroom video of an actress. In the viral clip, Pandey was dancing in a shower. YouTube later blocked this video.

Arrested For Defying COVID-19 Restrictions
Poonam Pandey faced a controversial situation even during the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus. As nobody was allowed on the streets as per COVID-19 protocols, Poonam decided to go out for a walk with her husband, Sam. The Mumbai Police arrested her for breaking the rules. She also received backlash over the same on social media.

Assault Case Against Husband
In September 2020, Poonam Pandey married Sam Bombay, but a few days later, she surprised everyone by charging him with molestation. The couple was in Goa during their honeymoon when Poonam filed an FIR against Sam and accused him of molesting, threatening, and assaulting her.

When Poonam Released Her App, “Pandey”

Poonam Pandey released the Pandey App, her own app, in 2017. The model allegedly used this app to share her provocative photos. But in less than an hour, Google took the app down from the Play Store.