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Richard Donner, director of ‘Superman’ dies at 91

Iconic director Richard Donner has departed at the age of 91.


Celebrated Hollywood filmmaker, Richard Donner, the creative director best remembered for bringing the iconic comic characters superman to the big screen through his movie ‘Superman’, Lethal Weapon, and The Goonies, succumbed on Monday. Donner’s wife, film producer Lauren Shuler Donner verified the director’s death to Deadline but did not disclose the reason for death. He was 91.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Donner commenced his career directing for television, with an extended line of prestige including The Twilight Zone, Wanted: Dead or Alive and The Man From UNCLE.

The director’s debut feature film was 1961’s X-15, starring Charles Bronson and Mary Tyler Moore, which he heeded with numerous films, comprising The Omen in 1976. That film, which starred Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, was evaluated as the filmmaker’s breakthrough feature, overseeing his helming of Superman in 1978. He thereafter directed Lethal Weapon, The Goonies, and Ladyhawke.

Donner has produced several films, along with Shuler Donner, including 2000’s X-Men and prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He also produced Free Willy and Any Given Sunday, among others.

Last year, Donner joined to direct the long-anticipated Lethal Weapon 5, reuniting with celebrities Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. “This is the final one,” Donner said The Telegraph. “It’s both my privilege and duty to put it to bed.”