Research for Jubilee took years: Nandish Singh Sandhu

Actor Nandish Singh Sandhu, who played the character of Jamshed Khan in the recently released period drama Jubilee by director Vikramaditya Motwani, has been receiving appreciation from all quarters. While many may credit Sandhu entirely for a power-packed performance, the actor feels it’s all because of his. “It’s the result of the clarity that Vikram sir had, and it reflects on the screen. He knew what exactly he wanted from each of his characters as well as the story,” he shares.

So, did he entirely submit to the script and the director, or tried put in effort from his end to add freshness? Sandhu says, “When I work on a project, it usually depends on what the director wants, what the story demands. For this one as well, it was more about trusting the team and whatever they were telling us. There was very little input from our side, which was required in terms of dialogue in the script. The work was being done on this story since 2016. So there was a lot of research, a lot of back and forth that had already happened in terms of characters, dialogues, or anything. So there was very little that was left for our imagination because it was done to such perfection.”


The show is set in the 40s and 50s, which most of the actors in today’s time have only read in books or seen on the screen. Sandhu shares since there were no real-life actors, they could take references from, the entire cast was dependent on what the makers were telling. “It was entirely dependent on the research they had done about this show. And we were satisfied because the research did not take months but years and years. Also, Vikram being from this industry and being associated with this profession since the time of his great grandfather was an added benefit here. So there could have been nobody better than him to tell us how a particular scene should be done,” he wraps up.