Remo Dsouza on his health scare, ‘My health scare taught me a lot, and it was a huge jhataka’

On his birthday last year, director – choreographer Remo Dsouza working on his dream project, spoke about his “health scare,” reflected on his life, and said, “One never knows what will happen tomorrow.”

Remo Dsouza had a heart attack four months earlier and underwent angioplasty. The director-choreographer is “feeling much better” now that he has recovered and returned to the gym.

“It was terrifying, and it also felt like a nightmare that came true to me. What I’ve learned is that you can’t guess what will happen in general. Nobody knows what will happen the next day. Just be happy and hopeful in general, I mean. Make the world a better place by spreading joy and happiness. Thank Goodness! Mere liye yeh health scare ek big lesson, bada jhataka tha jo tal gaya!” he expresses his appreciation.


Dsouza likes to maintain a low profile, and his birthdays are no different. “I’m normally silent, but due to the coronavirus, I don’t have a say. My wife and children are ecstatic and prepare surprises for me, which is really sweet. We baked a cake at home last year because it was lockout, and this year we should at least order one! Also parties are limited to immediate families and close friends. Furthermore, due to the flu scare and my health concerns, I am not meeting many people this time,” Dsouza, who turns 46 on April 2, explains.

He remembers how his wife, Lizelle, shocked him by arranging a trip to Singapore. “I had no idea what was planned, so it was a fun surprise. Not just the family, but even some close friends, flew in to make the day extra memorable. He exclaims, “We just had a great time.”