Relationship history of Sidharth Malhotra before marrying Kiara Advani

From Alia, Jacqueline, the list goes on. READ

Sidharth Malhotra is one of Bollywood’s eligible actors with a sizable fan base. But his followers have frequently been curious about his dating past. When it came to dating his co-stars and models, the actor had a short history. However, are you aware of how many women the actor’s name was associated with? We’re going to solve all of the mysteries today, so stay tuned.

Alia Bhatt


Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should already be aware that Sidharth and Alia dated briefly following their joint Bollywood premiere in Student of the Year. It is rumoured that Sidharth Malhotra gave Alia her beloved cat, Edward, as a gift.

When asked in an interview what he had learned from his last relationship, Sidharth Malhotra said, “I think I learned from my last relationship—don’t gift pets.” The actor subsequently responded, “The cat, Edward,” when asked what one item he would like to steal from Alia Bhatt.

But things went south in the relationship, and the couple split up in 2017. According to sources, Sidharth Malhotra was the one who desired to concentrate solely on his career and was not prepared for a long-term commitment.


Nicole Meyer

Recall the moment Sidharth Malhotra revealed he was dating an enigmatic South African model? It was none other than Nicole Meyer, who has a sizable fan base as well. They ended their romance because it was too short.


Jacqueline Fernandez

There has been a lot of association between Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez. The two, however, never discussed it until Sidharth intervened and made it clear that they were just crazy friends and that nothing was wrong between them. They appeared on the same screen in A Gentleman.


Tara Sutaria

It is nothing new that Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria were dating. The couple has been sighted together multiple times. It was during their shooting for Marjawah that the flame caught fire. However, they broke up due to personal reasons.