Rekha got emotional as she delivered a beautiful shayari and a wonderful memory about Shah Rukh Khan

Rekha seemed to have formed a wonderful bond with Shah Rukh Khan, gets emotional while delivering a beautiful speech.

Over the years, Rekha seemed to have formed amazing and heartwarming relationships with her co-stars. She has worked with actors of various ages and has indulged in strong bonds with a lot of them like Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, and such. But it seems like she has a strong bias towards the King Khan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan as he seems to be her favorite.

Rekha was invited to present Shah Rukh Khan with the Yash Chopra Memorial Award in 2017, and her speech stood out to be very touching.


“Have you ever seen a soul? Felt it? A body burns a hundred times but still turns to ash. But a soul, when it burns, turns into a diamond,” she says as she uses a Shayari by Gulzar and recites a part of Ruh Dekhi Hai Kabhi? She states that she has never seen a soul with naked eyes but has felt a very special presence. “That person, I don’t know how many times that person has killed his soul, since his childhood. Which is while he has been shining like a diamond. I pray to God, that the way he has made us smile, he is a beautiful human being. Talent flows in his veins. But more than that, he has love to offer, which all of us have seen,” she says referring to SRK.

Rekha recalls a beautiful incident that was enough to touch every soul. She says, “We were traveling to some show and we were on the airplane. I was so tired of working day and night. I had almost gone off to sleep when I was woken up by sounds of ‘Rekha Ji, Rekha Ji please uthiye na! Rekha Ji. Khidki niche kijiye na aur Bahar dekhiye nazara kitna khoobsurat, sunset hai. Use baad so jaaiyega (Please wake up, roll down your window. It’s such a beautiful sunset outside. You can go back to sleep after that).’ I did not see the sunset but turned around in slow motion, looked at him. It was Shah Rukh Khan. I looked into his eyes and felt bhaiyya, ye humari biradari ka insaan hai (He’s a man of my kind).”

Rekha and Shah Rukh has not been in any movie together as co-stars, except for Rekha’s cameo in Om Shanti Om. But they seem to have formed an amazing bond. Rekha’s appreciation for Shah Rukh Khan was a moment to remember, something encouraging and gratifying as such is nothing but absolutely beautiful.

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