Raveena Tandon follows Sonu Sood to request the cancellation of offline board exams

The board exams for class 10th and 12th students are taking place offline.

Actress Raveena Tandon has called the pandemic a “very stressful time for students”. She recently questioned the decision to hold board exams offline for 10th and 12th class students. This comes after actor Sonu Sood requested the concerned authorities to cancel offline board exams for the safety of the students.

“A very stressful time for all the students appearing for their board exams. Adults in lockdown mode while children venturing out to give exams. Very brave. What about all those families who have senior citizens, or parents with health issues at home, putting them at risk,” Raveena wrote through her Twitter handle.

She also shared an article from Indian Express that showed the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This time last year 2020 cases < to this year 2021. 2020 exams cancelled. This time, the virus is seen even more in children,” she added.

The report shared by her had a synopsis that read, “It took 32 days for the daily case count to rise from 18,000 to 50,000 during the first wave. This time, it took only 17 days — from 18,377 on March 11 to 50,518 on March 27.”

Sonu Sood had earlier shared a video where he was seen requesting everyone to support students during their offline exams.

“I request everyone to support students who are forced to appear for offline board exams in these tough times. With the number of cases rising to 145k a day I feel there should be an internal assessment method to promote them rather than risking so many lives,” he wrote.

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