Raveena Tandon expresses shock on South African Hunter’s brutal Valentine act ‘This woman is what’s wrong with our world’

Raveena Tandon strongly expressed her thoughts about a hunter who extracted a fresh heart by killing a Giraffe baby as a gift for her husband on Valentine’s Day.

South African Trophy hunter who has recently received a lot of criticism for her cruel act which will shame the entire human race. Merelize van der Merwe who hurt the giraffe, recently posted a picture of her, in which she was seen posing with a fresh heart that she extracted by killing a Giraffe baby. 

Many celebrities and activists from different parts of the world have demanded for a strict action against her. Further Bollywood actress, Raveena Tandon has strongly expressed her thoughts through her twitter handle. She wrote, “This woman is all that’s wrong with our world. What happened to us? Humans? How did we go so so heartlessly wrong??? #plantearth all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small….. (broken heart emoji).”

According to a source, all this heartless act performed by the hunter was to give a gift to her husband on Valentine’s day. Further her husband had challenged her with 1.5 lakh worth of reward to pose with a giraffe heart. 

The South African Wildlife department has immediately taken notice after a lot of criticism. But one question that we as humans should ask ourselves is that, are we worth so much that we are destroying our own plant ?? We as humans are born with the biggest brains compared to other animals yet we don’t use it. That is so unfortunate of us.  

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