Rashmika Mandanna talks about deepfake video: “This is not right..”

Rashmika Mandanna opened up about her deepfake video experience and expressed the need for people to be aware of these kinds of incidents.

In November of last year, a deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna entering a lift went viral. The primary offender behind the actor’s deepfake was allegedly arrested by the Delhi Police last week. The star has now discussed her experience and the reason behind her remarks in a recent interview.

Rashmika elaborated on her feelings on the incident throughout the interview, saying, “So many times this happens, and you speak about it, and someone is like, ‘But you chose this job!’ Or you know, ‘This is how it’s going to be.’ ‘Like, why are you talking about it now?’ In my head, the only thing I was thinking about was that if this happened to me in college, I wouldn’t have anyone to come and support me. Because something in our culture says that what society thinks of us is supposed to be us. We have to be the way and react how society wants us to, you know, think and react, right?”


She continued saying, “So imagine some girl in her college had to go through the same thing. And I am like, dude, I am really scared for them. And if I am speaking about it, there’s at least like 41 million people who know that, okay, there’s something called the deepfake. And this is not right. There’s something that is affecting emotions and causing stress in people in general. So I think bringing out that awareness was important to me.”

Following the arrest of the video’s originator, Rashmika thanked the authorities and gave her admirers a message. She wrote, “Girls and boys – if your image is used or morphed anywhere without your consent. It is wrong! And I hope this is a reminder that you are surrounded by people who will support you, and action will be taken!”

Rashmika Mandanna was last seen in the blockbuster movie Animal, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. She is all geared up for Pushpa 2 as well. Another movie in her kitty is Chaava, which is set to release on December 6, 2024.