Rashmika Mandanna says she would question some of Gitanjali’s actions in ‘Animal’

Together with Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna stars in Animal. Bobby Deol and Anil Kapoor are also in it, and Sandeep Reddy Vanga is directing.

Actor Rashmika Mandanna gave a long statement about her role as Animal’s Gitanjali, the movie that’s still topping the box office. Ranbir Kapoor also appears in the Sandeep Reddy Vanga film, which received mixed reviews. In the film, Rashmika plays Ranbir’s girlfriend, with whom he later cheats on her after they are married and have kids.


Speaking about her character, which likewise provoked conflicting responses from movie buffs, Rashmika said that she had some doubts about certain aspects of the part. She wrote, “Gitanjali. If I were to describe her in a sentence… it would be the only force at home holding her family together. She is pure, real, unfiltered, strong and raw. At times as an actor, I would question some of Gitanjali’s actions.”



She defended her movie role even more by adding, “And I remember my director telling me – this was their story. Ranvijay’s and Gitanjali’s.. it was their love and passion, their families and their lives – this is who they are. In a world full of violence, hurt and unbearable pain – Gitanjali would bring peace trust and calm. She would pray to her Gods to keep her husband and her kids safe. She was the rock that weathered all the storms. She would do anything in her power for the sake of her family. Gitanjali is absolutely beautiful in my eyes, and in some ways, she is like most women who are standing strong and protecting their families day in and day out. Happy one week to us #Animal team”.


In Animal, a gang conflict is built up with a lot of violence. The main characters are Anil Kapoor, who plays Balbir Singh, and Ranbir Kapoor, who plays his son Ranvijay Singh, also known as Vojay. Their relationship is characterised by conflict. Triptii Dimri has a major role in the movie, and Bobby Deol portrays the antagonist.


Recently, the movie became embroiled in yet another controversy when Congressman Ranjeet Ranjan of the Rajya Sabha criticised it for its sexism and glorification of violence.


“Cinema is a mirror to society. We have all grown up watching films. Cinema has a great deal of influence on society, especially among the youth. Nowadays, there are some films that are coming, like Kabir (Singh), Pushpa and now this film, Animal. My daughter and a bunch of other children were watching the film. They cried and left the theatre at halftime. The film’s justification of violence and misogyny is shameful”, said Ranjan.