Rani Mukerji shares heartbreaking journey: Opens up about miscarriage

In a candid and deeply emotional moment, Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji bared her heart and soul at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2023. The celebrated actress, known for her exceptional acting prowess, took to the stage on Thursday, August 10, to share a personal and heart-wrenching experience that had remained shrouded in silence until now.

During her poignant address, Rani Mukerji revealed that in the year 2020, she was overjoyed to discover that she was expecting a child. However, fate dealt a devastating blow as she faced a miscarriage five months into her pregnancy. The revelation came as a shock to the audience, who were moved by the actress’s courage in opening up about such a deeply personal and painful chapter of her life.

The timing of the tragic event added a layer of complexity to Rani Mukerji’s ordeal. The miscarriage occurred before the filming of her upcoming movie, “Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway.” Rani shared that she chose not to disclose her painful experience during the promotional activities for the film, fearing that it might be misinterpreted as a promotional strategy rather than a genuine sharing of her journey.

In her own words, Rani Mukerji expressed, “I didn’t share the story of the tragedy during the promotion of the film because I felt it would have been perceived as promotion tactics.” Her decision to withhold this heart-wrenching aspect of her life speaks volumes about her integrity and sensitivity towards her fans and the industry.