Ranbir Kapoor’s film Shamshera fails on the box office; earns less than ₹50 Crore in a week

The box office performance of Ranbir Kapoor’s superhero flick has been unexpected. The public has rejected the picture, and it is struggling to earn the bare minimum.


Ranbir Kapoor’s film has underperformed at the box office. Despite massive marketing, multi-city releases, and star power, the Bollywood picture is failing to generate even Rs 50 crore in a week. It’s a major letdown for both the producers and the cast. The Bollywood picture grossed close to Rs 30 crore over the weekend before seeing a significant decline on the following weekdays. The precipitous drop occurred on Wednesday as well. Since its July 22 release, the film has earned Rs 36 crore. According to Box Office India, “Shamshera earned 2.50 crore net on Tuesday, bringing the film’s total earnings to 36 crore net or more. The drop on Tuesday was probably less than expected given the big drop on Monday, but that doesn’t really matter what happens to the collections now since the film is going hardly anywhere.”

Karan Malhotra’s film, which spotlights Vaani Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt in addition to Ranbir, did not do well in theatres. Malhotra addressed the failure on Twitter, where he wrote a heartfelt statement. He stated: “My Dearest Shamshera, you are majestic the way you are. It is important for me to express myself on this platform because here is where all the love, the hate, the celebration and the humiliation exists for you. I want to unimaginably apologise to you for abandoning you for these past few days as I could not handle the hate and rage. My withdrawal was my weakness and there are no excuses for it. But now I am here, standing beside you hand in hand feeling proud and honoured that you are mine.”

‘Shamshera’ is established in the mythical city of Kaza, where a warrior tribe is imprisoned, exploited, and tormented by Shuddh Singh, a vicious authoritarian commander. It chronicles the narrative of the titular figure, who became a slave, then a leader, and finally a legend for his community. He battles tirelessly for his tribe’s independence and integrity.