Ranbir Kapoor undergoes voice & diction training to play Lord Ram in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana – Reports 

According to reports, Sunny Deol is also approved to play Lord Hanuman in the film.

Pre-production for Nitesh Tiwari’s magnum opus Ramayana has officially commenced, and Ranbir Kapoor, who will play Lord Ram in the film, has begun his preparations. He has allegedly begun intense voice and diction training to prepare for his role.

Ranbir is known for his ability to delve under his characters’ skin, and preparation is part of that process. According to rumours, Tiwari has connected the actor with a diction specialist, and the two are currently working on Ranbir’s pronunciation and line delivery.


The report stated that Tiwari wants to make Ranbir sound different from all the characters he has played in the past. “Ranbir has a certain baritone and a way of speaking his lines. It is symbolic, and if you have even closed your eyes, you can recognise a dialogue purely based on Ranbir’s voice. In Ramayana, Nitesh wants to make sure he sounds different from the characters he’s played in the past,” the report quoted a source.

It is worth noting that various reports previously suggested that Ranbir had vowed to abstain from alcohol and meat in order to play Lord Ram.

Meanwhile, Ramayana will star Sai Pallavi as Sita and Yash from KGF as the great demon king Ravana.

Sunny Deol has reportedly agreed to play the famous character of Lord Hanuman in the film. While Nitesh Tiwari has not officially announced Ramayana, the film is slated to open in the middle or second half of this year.