Ramy Youssef calls for trans woman to be president in his SNL sketch while joking about Trump vs Biden

Ramy Youssef riffed on politics and religious holidays during his Saturday Night Live monologue, saying a trans woman should be the next president and later calling for the people of Palestine and the hostages to be freed.

The creator and star of Hulu’s Ramy, who recently appeared in Oscar winning film Poor Things, made his SNL debut at studio 8H on Saturday for NBC’s sketch show.


Ramy started his monologue by  noting the month of Ramadan, and labeled the weekend as “spiritual” because it is also Easter. He also brought in Beyonce releasing her album recently together with the religious activities as a joke.

The actor, who is a Muslim, noted that he’s “doing the Ramadan one.”

He added that he loves Ramadan because he likes to hang out with other Muslim friends. He relayed that his longtime friends growing up are “weird about love.”

“I have a buddy of mine who was like, man, I’ve been hanging out with this girl, dude, and I told her I loved her. It’s only been nine months,” he said. ” I was like, dude, I just said that to my Uber driver. I gave him my number. I was like, bro, let’s get off the app. I wanna get to know you. You mean something to me. [After] nine months, you should have a kid.”

He then turned towards politics and lamented that former president Donald Trump does not have supporters in the south, but all over the United States. He explained that living in New York, people always live with the assumption that whatever they disagree with is in the south.

Ramy also spoke of Joe Biden, joking that he might receive a call from the president, who has an unawareness issue. He joked, “I mean, Joe’s aware – that’s like a Nobel Peace Prize.”

As for Biden vs Trump, he admitted that he supports neither and believes that woman should be the president. He went on to specify that a trans woman should be president, which invited less applause, to which he responded, “A little less support Yeah, that’s New York… we’re liberal but we’re Italian.”