Ram Indraneel, a renowned artist and Sushmita Sen’s close friend, commits suicide

Ram Indraneel Kamath, a renowned artist and Sushmita Sen’s closest friend was found dead by committing suicide at Matunga, Mumbai. His body was found in bathtub in his house sans a suicide note. Mumbai police is investigating the death from all the angles.

Ram’s mother found him in the bathtub. It has been found he was under stress and his mental health declined amidst the Corona lockdown.
His last post on Instagram was with his pet dog on July 13 after which he became inactive on the social media site.

Ram lived with his mother in his Mumbai apartment. Apart from being a phenomenal artist he was a great photographer. In fact, his glasswork paintings were popular in the Mumbai art circuit.

He was also a mythologist known for his Indian Calendar art and claimed himself as Mahalaxmi’s favourite child.

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