Ram Charan’s heartfelt birthday wish for Upasana revolves around daughter Kaara – Watch here

At superstar Ram Charan’s residence, a double celebration is underway as his wife Upasana marks her 34th birthday, while their newborn, Klin Kaara, turns one month old. Ram Charan shared an endearing and lengthy video to extend birthday wishes to both his wife and daughter. The heartwarming video captures the precious moments of Ram Charan and Upasana’s journey into parenthood, accompanied by emotional scenes of their family members. It commences with the joyous announcement of the baby’s birth, leading viewers on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the couple’s nine-month journey to becoming parents. Upasana encapsulated her experience with the words, “Eight months were smooth sailing, then the real adventure began.”

In the heartfelt video, Ram Charan also touched upon the topic of embracing parenthood after 11 years of marriage. He candidly shared that they faced numerous inquiries and pressures from people about their family planning decisions. However, he firmly believes that everything falls into place at the right time. Moreover, Ram Charan expressed his admiration and appreciation for his better half, acknowledging that Upasana had been an incredible partner throughout their 11-year journey together.


In a heartfelt video, Upasana poured her emotions, expressing how motherhood completed her. The footage also offered glimpses of the naming ceremony’s rituals and celebrations for their newborn. She shared her desire for their child to embrace the chenchus tribe, earning her title through hard work without any pressure.

Ram Charan shared this touching video on Instagram, along with a caption that conveyed his heartfelt wishes.  He captioned it with,  ” Happy Birthday dearest Upsi & Happy one-month birthday dearest Kaara. You are our best gift. ” The video beautifully captured the couple’s journey into parenthood after 11 years of marriage, addressing the inquiries and stress they faced from others. Ram Charan’s admiration and appreciation for Upasana’s role as a partner throughout the 11-year journey were evident in his loving words.

The reel received an overwhelming and positive reception, with numerous well-wishes pouring in from both netizens and celebrities, including Shruti Haasan. It amassed an impressive response, garnering over 600,000 likes, along with more than 3,000 comments and 29,000 shares. The Tollywood actor enjoys a massive following on Instagram, boasting an impressive 17 million followers.

On June 20, Ram Charan and Upasana joyfully welcomed their first child, Klin Kaara, in Hyderabad. The baby’s name, Klin Kaara, was lovingly chosen by her grandparents. Ram Charan shared delightful pictures from the baby naming ceremony, and in a heartfelt note signed off by Klin Kaara’s grandparents, he explained the significance and meaning behind her name.

The name “Klin Kaara,” drawn from the Lalitha Sahasranamam, symbolizes a transformative and purifying energy that fosters spiritual enlightenment. Showered with love and significance, it was lovingly chosen by Surekha, Shobana, Chiranjeevi, and Anil for their precious grandchild.

The name’s association with profound spiritual awakening reflects the family’s deep reverence for its spiritual roots. With heartfelt affection, they embrace the significance of “Klin Kaara,” ushering in a new chapter of love and spiritual growth for their beloved little one.