Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Bheda passes away


According to reports, Rakhi’s mother has cancer and a brain tumour. Additionally, she was admitted to Juhu’s Criticare Multispeciality Hospital.

Rakhi is quite active on social media and frequently posted updates about her mother’s health. She pleaded with her followers to pray for her mother in one of the heartbreaking videos. She also displayed a picture of her mother, who was lying in a hospital bed. The news was confirmed by the actress’ husband, Adil Durrani.


Mother of Rakhi Sawant has passed away. The Bigg Boss contestant had disclosed that her mother had been struggling for a while. In fact, the actress revealed her mother’s brain tumour diagnosis while she was imprisoned in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Rakhi Sawant recently shared an emotional video in which she gave her fans an update on her mother’s condition. She revealed that her mother has been given the diagnosis of both cancer and a brain tumour. At Taj Memorial Cancer Hospital, Rakhi’s mother was receiving medical attention. The actress from Main Hoon Na sobbed as she asked the audience to pray for her mother’s wellbeing. Rakhi shared the post and captioned it as, “Mom is in hospital. She is not well pray for her.” Her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani and her brother Rakesh are also seen with her in the video. Rakhi said, “Hi everyone, I came out from Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4 last night. (Got to know) My mom is not well, she is in hospital. Please pray for her, she is not feeling her best.”

The actress also said in the video that no one had mentioned her mother’s health to her throughout filming of the reality show, and that she only found out after leaving after the conclusion. She is fighting a battle with cancer, continued a tearful Rakhi. We just learned that she has a cancerous brain tumour. Rakhi turns the camera briefly at her mother, who is being treated and is unconscious on the hospital bed.


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