Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram account gets disabled; Here’s why

Rakhi Sawant is constantly making news these days. Her allegations and counter-accusations against the actress’s second husband, Adil Durrani, keep going. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s Instagram account has vanished, and she has filed a police report about it. Rakhi feels Adil is involved in a plot.

There was a lot of controversy around drama queen Rakhi Sawant and her second partner Adil Durrani at the start of this year. The conflict between these two husband and wife became so heated that Adil was sentenced to 6 months in prison.
Adil began making statements against Rakhi as soon as he was released from jail. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s Instagram handle has vanished, prompting the actress to file a police report late at night. Rakhi suspects Adil Durrani and Rajshree More are responsible.


Rakhi’s Instagram account has vanished. For the time being, Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani’s conflict is ongoing. Every day, some sort of update about these two is released. Instant Bollywood posted a new video late last night on its official Instagram account.

Rakhi can be seen on this video arriving at the Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai. According to the actress, her official Instagram handle has been disabled, and the culprits are her husband Adil Durrani and friend Rajshree, for which she has filed a police report.

In a video, Rakhi Sawant says that she will travel to Mecca Madina in Saudi Arabia to conduct Umrah. Rakhi can be seen crying in the video, stating, “Subhe meri Flight hain, Mujhe Umrah karne jana hain.” Log khusi khusi jate hain, aur mein yaha rote hiye ja rahi hu. ‘Mera manshik santulan in dono ne hila ke rakh diya hain, Adil aur Rajashree ne mujhe bohut pareshan kar liya hain.’