Rakhi Sawant’s emotional hospital video goes viral: TV star breaks down ahead of tumour surgery

After Rakhi Sawant’s videos and images from the hospital went viral, her ex-husband Ritesh told the public that doctors discovered cancer in her uterus.

Rakhi Sawant’s viral photographs from a Mumbai hospital recently astounded and perplexed people. While some expressed concern over her health, others suggested that it could just be a performance. However, Nakshatra Multispeciality Hospital in Mumbai has confirmed that the actress was transferred there.

However, the hospital did not confirm or disclose any information about Rakhi’s uterine tumour. “Please contact her family or friends to get the reports, amid further health updates,” the authorities stated.


Previously, a series of photographs circulated on social media, showing Rakhi lying on a hospital bed with an intravenous line in her left hand. A pulse oximeter was affixed to her right fingertip, and a nurse kept track of her blood pressure.

Amidst all of this, Rakhi’s new hospital video has leaked onto the internet. In the footage, the viral star can be seen weeping in despair while lying on the bed.

For those who are unaware, doctors discovered a 10cm tumour in Rakhi Sawant’s uterus. Another hospital video has appeared online, in which Rakhi informs fans that she will be undergoing surgery on Saturday (today) and asks them to pray for her recovery.


Her ex-husband, Ritesh Raj Singh, claims Rakhi has cancer. “She was brought to the hospital yesterday night after complaining of chest trouble. Doctors are looking after her. They detected a tumour in her uterus. She also felt agony in her stomach. Doctors have suspected that it is cancer. Tests are being conducted. Doctors have offered surgery, but they want to confirm if it is cancer or not,” Ritesh explained.

Rakhi Sawant sent a video statement on Friday night to provide an update on her condition. In the video, the Bigg Boss star is seen on a hospital bed, appealing for everyone to pray for her. “Ae mere dosto. Miss kar rahi hai bahar jaana, ghoomna firna. I am in the hospital, and I need surgery. Bohot miss kar rahi hu main. What kind of outfit did you wear for Rakhi? Mujhe poore kapde pehen ki aadat nahi hai. Aap samajh rahe ho? I am not sure about the hospital clothing. “Mujhe jaldi theek hoke aana hai; bohot saari masti karna hai,” she remarked.