Rakhi Sawant takes a dig at Rahul Mahajan, says ‘He is zero if you remove his surname’

Rakhi Sawant called Rahul Mahajan his friend on reality show Bigg Boss 14, but things changed with their stay in the house.

Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger along with Rahul Mahajan. But throughout their stay in the house, their equation changed. Recently in an press conference, Rakhi says she doesn’t respect Rahul Mahajan at all, adding that she rejects his surname and his parents.

Rakhi Sawant, who often called Rahul Mahajan her close friend on Bigg Boss 14, has now said she doesn’t respect him at all, adding that ‘zero’ without his surname.


Rakhi Sawant recently attended a press meet where she took a dig at Rahul Mahajan.They shared a great bond initially but it took a worse turn gradually. Rakhi Sawant said that Rahul Mahajan has no personality of his own.

Further, Rakhi said, “What is Rahul Mahajan’s personality on his own. If you remove his surname, Mahajan, he is zero. I respect his father, mother, sister. But what is he of his own?”