Rakhi Sawant slams KRK for twitting against her ‘godfather’ Salman Khan, she says ‘KRK is a liar’

Rakhi Sawant reacts to Kamal R Khan aka KRK and Salman Khan’s legal fight. In the interview, Rakhi addressed Salman Khan as ‘godfather’

The ultimate entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant, In her exclusive interview with E-Times, praised superstar Salman Khan. She even talked about Salman and Kamaal R Khan aka KRK’s legal dispute.

On infinite appreciations from Salmaan Khan in Bigg Bogg 14 house, Rakhi said, “I really like it. And yes, of course, it’s working for my career, I am receiving big offers. Salman sir is a legend of the Bollywood industry. His appreciations are a big thing for me. He assisted me with my mother’s operation, and is even helping me to shape up my profession. I am grateful to him.” She also agreed that Salman is like a ‘Godfather’ in her life.


On KRK and Salman Khan’s legal feud, she said, “KRK is a liar, he only criticises everyone. Mika Singh has made an apt song on you, KRK. I don’t like to things like these for you, but I cannot help it. You are going against Salman ji, his movies, and NGO, because you are the biggest liar. He helps a lot of people and there is no need for him to say everything to the world. Salman has helped a lot of poor girls in getting them married, he helped junior artistes in Bollywood during the lockdown by sending money and food to their homes. Just like Sonu Sood, Amitabh Bachchan, Ambanis, Akshay Kumar and others are helping the people in need“.