Rakhi Sawant says ‘Stop your Drama’ to her ex-husband after he warns Rakhi to not meet him at any reality show

Big argument between the controversial couple Rakhi-Ritesh.


After Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh threatened the actress by saying in a post on his Instagram, “Rakhi Ji a simple suggestion, pls aap wish Karo ke Kisi game show me aap mere samne na aao. Warna aapki aisi band bajegi ke aap dubara kisi show me nahi jaogi. Aapko bigg boss 15 ke ek wild card ka kya Haal keya tha ,yaad hoga. So just chill!!”

Reading the comment on his post-Rakhi was quick to address the situation and commented “Stop your drama. “She further added, “Don’t use my picture ok,” and posted several angry emojis with the comment to show her anger towards Ritesh.

Rakhi was asked if she was going to be a part of Lock Upp, the reality tv show hosted by Kangana Ranaut to which rakhi simply replied that she was not a part of the show. The media then asked her whether Ritesh will be seen in the show, to which rakhi replied by saying “He is a fool. He was offered so much money. He only says ‘I will not leave my business and go to any show. I am already repenting my Bigg Boss stint’. Imagine, he is saying this to me! That he repents going to Bigg Boss! He was offered so much money, just to make fun of me.”

Let’s see what drama the couple has in store for us moving forward.