Rakhi Sawant issues warning to Adil amid claims of extramarital affairs: "I don't want to end up in a fridge” | Business Upturn

Rakhi Sawant issues warning to Adil amid claims of extramarital affairs: “I don’t want to end up in a fridge”

As she spoke to photographers in Mumbai on Thursday, Rakhi Sawant accused her husband Adil Khan Durrani of having an extramarital affair. She also issued a warning to him and his alleged girlfriend.


Recently, Rakhi Sawant’s mother passed away. Since then, the actor and reality TV star has talked about her marriage to the paparazzi as well as releasing updates about her personal life. Rakhi was seen on Thursday walking around Mumbai when she sobbedly confessed to having an affair with her husband, Adil Khan Durrani.

Rakhi warned Adil and his claimed lover, saying she would not keep quiet and handle the situation alone as her husband allegedly advised. Rakhi also said that if Adil finishes his affair and returns to her, she will forgive him.

Rakhi went on to say that her marriage suffered while she was competing in Bigg Boss Marathi 4 last year. Rakhi claimed the woman was extorting her husband and even threatening her without giving the identity of the person she claims Adil is having an illicit affair with. She further claimed that Adil pressured her to conceal their marriage for eight months as a result of the alleged affair. Rakhi and Adil revealed last month that they would wed in 2022.

Rakhi spoke in Hindi in her videos posted to various Instagram fan and paparazzi accounts “I want to use you all to warn the girl who used the circumstance in Adil’s life when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. When the moment is appropriate, I will present all of their images but I won’t ask for her name. Because of his relationship with that woman, Adil forced me to keep quiet about our marriage for eight months. I didn’t speak till today. He initially refused to marry us, but as a result of media pressure, he changed his mind.” She stated that she would not permit Adil to separate from her for his claimed lover.

She further warned Adil’s alleged girlfriend, “A woman is breaking another woman’s home. Men are dogs, if you go to them, they will obviously not send you away. I am warning you, I will expose you. Don’t think I will remain silent like other girls. If you threaten me, I won’t tolerate it.” Rakhi also shared a message for Adil, and said, “You (Adil) had said that in Islam all personal issues should be discussed behind closed doors. I have done that, but you are not understanding me and my situation. Your girlfriend threatens me. I have a record of it.”

Rakhi said, “Baat ghar pe hi rakho, kehte ho na media mein kyun aati ho. Adil says I shouldn’t discuss our intimate matters in public, but if I keep it all private, I won’t suffer or wind up in a fridge. Ghar pe reh ke na mujhe fridge me nahi jana hai.” Rakhi added, ” “I’ll fight to protect my marital rights. That female confides in me with confidence that Adil will leave me and marry her since he believes in her. He requested me to disguise my marriage because of this. I gave him ten chances.”

On January 29, when Rakhi’s mother Jaya Sawant’s funeral services were held in Mumbai, Adil was spotted with Rakhi.