Rakhi Sawant cries in Mecca; seeks justice from Allah against ex-husband Adil Khan – WATCH

Rakhi and Adil got married in 2022 in a traditional nikkah ceremony and the actress had then changed her name to Fatima.

Rakhi Sawant, who converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima last year, just began her umrah despite her bitter public feud with ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani. The actress was seen sobbing after visiting Mecca and asking Allah for aid and justice.

Adil recently accused Rakhi of framing him in a bogus domestic abuse case, which resulted in his imprisonment. Rakhi, on the other hand, stated that Adil married her last year solely for the purpose of making it popular in Bollywood.


She also made alarming charges against Adil, alleging that he cheated on her and sexually abused her.

In the midst of the controversy, Rakhi travelled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the first time to do Umrah, the holy pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims.

And now, a new video of Rakhi from Mecca has gone viral, in which she can be seen crying at the holy site. In the video, she begs Allah to bring her justice.

“Allah, tell me what do I do? He married me to become a star in Bollywood. He destroyed my life. Ya Allah, mere saath nyaay ho. Main fariyaad leke aayi hu aapke paas,” she can be heard saying in the video in between sobs.

Rakhi and Adil married in a traditional nikkah ceremony in 2022, and the actress later changed her name to Fatima.

Rakhi, however, filed a FIR against Adil and sought divorce from him after only a few months of marriage, citing adultery and domestic violence.

She recently accused Adil of filming her naked tapes in Dubai and selling them for thousands of dollars. Not only that, but she claims he had sexual intercourse with both men and women, and that he even had an Iranian lover whom he raped for several months.

Adil, on the other hand, refuted all charges and referred to the actress as a “fraud.”