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Rakhi Sawant asks Paparazzi to call her Fatima; Know more

Rakhi Sawant was recently seen in Mecca’s holy places seeking blessings during her difficult times. The actress went to the sacred Dargah, where she was seen crying for Mercy and accusing her ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani for ruining her life. She even asked those around her to pray for her well-being and peace of mind. Now that Sawant has returned to Mumbai, she has demanded that the media refer to her as Fatima rather than her given name.

Rakhi Sawant, who was spotted at the Mumbai airport after returning from Umrah, Mecca, begged the paparazzi to refer to her as Fatima rather than Rakhi. In the video, Sawant is greeted by her supporters and paparazzi at the airport, when she tells the press, “Do not call me Rakhi, call me Fatima.” Sawant is clothed in a white burkha with a hijab in the video, and subsequently a man tries to drape a garland over her, but she stops him. Later, one by one, her fans arrive to drape garlands around her, shower her with rose petals, and shake hands with her. Even the media began addressing her as Appa (older sister in Islam) and photographing her.


Sawant has accused Durrani of physically and mentally abusing her. Furthermore, the Pardesiya performer accused him of cheating on her with his Iranian lover, whom he ended up raping and seducing with false promises of obtaining her an entry into Bigg Boss. The Masti actress even claimed that Durrani had threatened her with murder and hacked her Instagram account, along with actress Sherlyn Chopra.

Adil was arrested and held at the Mysuru Jail in response to Rakhi’s complaints. Following his release, he held a press conference in which he denied all of the claims made against him. There has been no movement on the case as of yet.