Radhika Apte shares how she keeps herself positive during these times

Radhika Apte is a marvelous actress, a fashion icon and most recently has also donned upon a director’s hat. The actress has an enchanting and a captivating essence when she is making an appearance on screen and she is popular for acing the unconventional roles that she plays.

During the lock downcaused due to the epidemic, a lot of people have started having problems dealing with their emotions as anxiety looms over the public in these tough times. Radhika Apte shares how she maintains a positive approach during these perilous times and stays in a state of serenity amidst the chaos.


The actress shares, “I engage in regular therapy sessions, which I’m very grateful for. Apart from that, I’ve been maintaining a gratitude journal for a year now, so I write in it regularly. I also meditate, exercise, cook, clean, and tidy up daily, and stay in touch with friends and family”

Radhika Apte states to her audience that it is essential to stay in touch with friends and family to keep each other motivated in these hard times of pandemic. She gives everyone the important message that it is important to keep the mind occupied with things and be productive.

Radhika is truly an epitome of inspiration to all of the audience!.She will be next making an appearance and bedazzling the audience in upcoming film Raat Akeli hai, alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui.