Priyanka Chopra recalls Thalapathy Vijay; says ‘He was one of the first few influences in my life’

Priyanka recalls her debut film with Tamil actor Vijay and how she learned things from him and to date follows them

In a current interview, the actress described how she was new to the industry in 2000, she talked about her first co-star Thalapathy Vijay. She met him while doing a Tamil film in 2002, which featured Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role with Priyanka Chopra, imprinting her debut in Kollywood as a lead actress.

Priyanka stated, “The first few movies that I did was a Tamil movie called Tamizhan and two Hindi movies – Andaaz and The Hero. They were tagged to be really big movies. And I remember walking onto the sets not knowing anything and thinking that acting was all about the clothes you wear and the makeup that you get done. And then I walked onto a set and I had to think about how to take these words on a paper and make them a person, and that was terrifying.”

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Priyanka disclosed one lesson that she memorized from Vijay which she still follows. “I remember Tamizhan, which was really difficult for me as I did not know Tamil as a language. I was learning it phonetically, memorising it, understanding the meaning behind it, and then saying my lines. But, I loved watching my co-actor Vijay – he was one of the first few influences in my life. He had tremendous humility on set. Once he comes onto the set, he never leaves the set. And that’s something I do even now. I very rarely will go back to my trailer in between shots, unless it’s a really long time that I have to wait. I’m usually hanging out on set. I’d like to understand why we’re taking different shots. I like to speak to the crew. I like to be in the mix,” the actress confessed.

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