Prince Harry stands with India in the crucial time of crisis, caused by COVID-19


Prince Harry made his presence in Global Citizen’s Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.
During his speech, The prince greeted everyone and elucidated light on the alarming situation of COVID-19 around the globe, and “at a defining moment in the global fight against COVID-19,”
Prince said “celebration” of “the vaccinated frontline workers in the audience and the millions of frontline heroes around the world.”, Harry addressed how they have battled 2020 and said served and sacrificed, putting themselves in harm’s way, that too “with bravery knowing the costs. We owe you an incredible depth of gratitude, thank you.”
As the world is aware of the cataclysmic condition of India, Prince Harry mentioned “We must look beyond ourselves with empathy and compassion for those we know, and those we don’t. We need to lift up all of humanity and make sure that no person or community is left behind,” and continued, “What we do in this moment will stand in history and tonight, we stand in solidarity with the millions of families across India who are battling a devastating second wave.”
Prince Harry is showing accord for India and eminently supporting it.