Popular Bigg Boss couple Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia announce split

Eijaz and Pavitra, who previously had plans of getting married in 2023, developed close during their tenure on Bigg Boss 14.

Rumours concerning Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia’s relationship issues have been circulating for some time. It was claimed that ‘everything is not well’ in Eijaz and Pavitra’s love paradise.

The couple, who met on Bigg Boss 14 and have been living together in Malad for three years, revealed their affection for each other on the reality show. And now Pavitra has confirmed the separation, making it apparent that she and Eijaz are no longer together!


In a latest conversation with ETimes, Pavitra Punia, stated, “There is a shelf-life for everything, nothing is permanent. In relationships, too, there can be a shelf-life. Eijaz and I parted ways a few months ago, and I will always wish him well. I respect him a lot, but the relationship did not last.”

Eijaz Khan also confirmed the breakup, saying, “I hope Pavitra finds the love and success she deserves. She will always be a part of my duas.”


Eijaz and Pavitra, who had initially planned to marry in 2023, developed close during their time on Bigg Boss 14. Despite their love-hate relationship on the show, they publicly revealed their romance after leaving the house and never hesitated to confess their feelings for each other.

Pavitra Punia was last seen in the TV show Naagmani, and Eijaz Khan appeared in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Jawan. Fans who were looking forward to their wedding were surprised to learn about their breakup.