Poonam Pandey domestically abused by her husband, suffers brain haemorrhage

Actress Poonam Pandey gets domestically assaulted, Mumbai police take further action.

Indian actor and model, Poonam Pandey’s husband Sam Bombay allegedly assault his wife, Poonam Pandey. She suffered head injuries, had bruises on her eyes and face as well. She was admitted to the hospital later after lodging the complaint, says the police.

According to ANI, the Mumbai police office reported the case to be registered under the sections of the Indian Penal Code(IPC) Poonam and Sam were in a live-in relationship for two years and later got married back at their home in Bandra on September 1.” Here’s looking forward to seven lifetimes with you”, she captioned the picture she shared of the two of them together on her Instagram handle.


This is not the first time Sam Bombay was reported and arrested for domestic abuse. After days into their marriage, Sam was earlier arrested for assaulting her after their marriage last year. The two were in Goa for their honeymoon when she filed a complaint about domestic violence. However, soon later, she united with him after he granted bail and said,” which marriage does not have its ups and downs”.

In an interview, she told “I got beaten up very badly this time, it was a half murder. I don’t know for how many I was in the hospital. Because he is just crying in front of me and I really don’t know what to do? Every time he just beats me up and later starts crying apologizing. This time also the same thing he did, saying it will not happen again, but always ends up the same. It was because of him I got a brain hemorrhage”.