Pooja Bhatt replies to Sona Mohapatra’s claims on artist’s stake in their music success

Daughter of Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt responded to the statement of ‘systemic problem’ in the film industry, which was claimed by singer Sona Mohapatra. Sona had actually called for artists to have a ‘stake in their music success.’

It all started when Pooja fought against the accusations of nepotism on her family. She told that Bhatts have always introduced and have launched new talents be it actors, musicians, technicians than anyone in Bollywood. She also told that the family have often made to feel inferior for working only with new talents.


In one of the tweets written by Pooja, she said that for the movie Sadak 2, a music teacher named Suniljeet from Chandigarh, was being given a break in the movie. He did not have any kind connections within or with the industry.


Afterreading this tweet, Sona Mohapatra replied, “That is so nice Pooja. Your banner has been known to spot new talent for sure. Would mean so much more if these musicians had a stake in their music’s success? Everyone just ends up doing the favour of the ‘opportunity’ & this is an endless cycle in #Bollywood. Zero concept of IP.”

Sona further added to her tweet that Pooja should ‘reflect on creating a healthier, creative eco-system instead of just being defensive’. The singer rued that the modern music business encouraged ‘exploitative’ practices, with the mindset of ‘we provide you the chance, so we will make all the money out of your work’.


Pooja replied to Sona that she should take all her issues and keep it in front of the music companies and added that she was all for it. She also replied, “As someone who produced my first film at 25 (Tamanna) with my own resources,I have done far more over the years than merely reflect. Am merely putting facts about a particular film and subject out. You want to term that defensive? That’s your call Sona. I take no offence.”