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“OTT is a boon” says Anushka Ranjan

Anushka Ranjan has worked both in films and on the web platforms.

Anushka Ranjan has been in the industry for a large portion of 10 years now and she has come across a sea of change in the way things used to work in those days and how they have changed today. Perhaps the greatest change, feels Ranjan, is the ascent of the OTT stages, something that even she dabbled with the web series, Fittrat.

Ranjan says, “You can see it (the changes) for yourself. OTT has shown the big screen movies that they too need to pull up their socks and make interesting content cause our audiences won’t be satisfied with the run-of-the-mill Bollywood naach gaana.”


For an entertainer, the OTT has additionally been a significant lift in terms of better opportunities, believes Ranjan.

She says: “It’s an amazing medium, and luckily people are open to experimenting on that. There are roles and shows happening now that may have never happened on the big screen. Those artists are being opportunities who didn’t receive that chance earlier. So, OTT is a boon for sure,”

She added, “From a career perspective, it has been really hard as everything just stopped and we were uncertain of what the future holds. I tried my very best to be positive and try as much as possible to keep my heart and mind in control.”

“Also, recently I got signed on as a creative producer at a production house. So I don’t let anything get me down as we don’t know what’s in store for us next,” she signs off.