Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan to receive knighthood in the United Kingdom

British American filmmaker Christopher Nolan will receive a knighthood from Britain for his “services to film.”

The decision of the knighthood comes after the director’s exceptional contribution to the film industry, with his latest being Oppenheimer, which practically swept the Oscars 2024 – winning Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and more.


His wife, film producer Emma Thomas, will receive a damehood, the female equivalent of a knighthood, the British government said Thursday in a list of honors recommended by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, which also included the leaders of tech industry and Conservative politicians.

‘Oppenheimer’, a blockbuster biopic about the race to build the first atomic bomb, earned seven Academy Awards earlier this month.

Nolan’s career also includes some other highly regarded films such as Dunkirk, Inception, Interstellar, and the Batman trilogy.