Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis seeks to dismiss their ex-nanny case

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are attempting to have the case brought by their former nanny, who made shocking allegations during their breakup.

According to records obtained by Page Six, Ericka Genaro’s wrongful termination complaint was wrongfully filed in California as a civil lawsuit when it should have been filed in New York, according to the now-ex-couples. In order to properly resolve their differences in a private arbitration in the east, Sudeikis and Wilde are attempting to have the California action completely dismissed.


“It is unfortunate that this private matter continues to play out in the press,” the couple stated in a statement on Thursday. “Our priority has been and will remain to unwaveringly defend our family from harassment of any form. We are sure that the presented evidence will support our contention to summarily reject this case and bring our family harmony.

In February 2023, Genaro alleged that the well-known ex-couples sacked her after she asked for a three-day stress leave because of their failing marriage. The former nanny asserted that she had higher stress and anxiety after Wilde left because of how much more time she had to spend with their kids.”

Genaro, who served as the duo’s employee from 2018 to 2021, is claiming punitive damages, attorney’s fees, and litigation expenses. After she filed, Wilde and Sudeikis asserted that Genaro was never officially terminated. They also claimed she promised to assist them for an additional five months after she resigned.

Genaro said the “Don’t Worry Darling” actress deceived then-boyfriend Harry Styles into thinking she and Sudeikis were over before they truly split up during a multi-part interview with the Daily Mail. She went on to describe the supposedly dramatic breakup of the former relationship, claiming Sudekis once shoved himself in front of Wilde’s car to prevent her from seeing Styles.

The ex-couple, however, asserts that giving interviews and discussing their personal lives with the media was a breach of their contract. The former pair announced their separation in November 2020 after becoming engaged in 2013.