‘Not into PDA’ Taapsee Pannu on recent Bollywood Weddings

While some of her contemporaries are now married, Taapsee Pannu said she has been dating Badminton Champion Mathias Boe for nine years and feels comfortable going at her own pace.

Actress Taapsee Pannu reportedly said that after she started dating Mathias Boe, most of her film business coworkers who are currently married met their spouses. Taapsee also provided a timeline of her relationship with the badminton star, stating that they have been long-distance dating for the past nine years. Speaking of their wedding, the star made it clear that she is not in a competitive position with anyone in either her personal or professional life.

In their holiday photos, Taapsee and Mathias Boe are frequently seen together. She attended one of his games years ago, where they later met. The actor claims that before beginning to date, the two met on Twitter and quickly became friends.


Amid the ongoing wedding season with many celebrities marrying in the past few months, Taapsee was asked about her wedding plans. She told Bombay Times, “See most of my contemporaries, who are getting married and having babies had actually met their better halves after I started dating the person I am still dating. Yes, it’s been really long and it’s the same person that I have been dating, thankfully. It is not like I have ever shied away from owning up to it. It is just that my relationship happened in the early years of my career and at that time if this conversation came up, it would be about that and not about my work.”

“Having said that, I think everybody knows that neither of us are into PDA, nor are we trying to run away from accepting our relationship. We are both self-made individuals in terms of our career and work keeps us occupied. Thankfully, we end up finding time for each other and that has helped this long-distance relationship work for over nine years now. I am not in any competition — neither in my professional life, nor in my personal life. I am perfectly fine with the pace at which I am going in my life,” she further said.

Taapsee has previously stated that her ideal wedding would take place in a single day with no controversy. She continued by saying there would be lots of dancing and delectable food. Blurr was where we last saw her. Her future roles with Shah Rukh Khan are in Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan and Dunki. Recently, she also revealed Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba.