Nora Fatehi reveals Conman Sukesh wanted her as ‘Girlfriend’

Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi stated that if she agreed to be Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s girlfriend, he would provide her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle.

The recent witness in the Rs 215 crore extortion case against Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Bollywood actor Nora Fatehi, gave a recorded statement in court on Tuesday, in which she said the conman Sukesh had approached her through his close friend Pinky Irani to ask for favours.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, according to Nora Fatehi, reportedly promised her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle in exchange for her acceptance to be his girlfriend.


The actor stated that Pinky Irani had spoken to her cousin and informed her that Nora Fatehi was Sukesh’s choice even though Jacqueline Fernandez was in line to accept his offer. Pinky Irani reportedly told her cousin, “Many actresses are dying to be taken care of by Sukesh,” according to Nora.

“Initially, I did not know who Sukesh was. Later, I thought he used to work at a company called LS Corporation. I neither had any personal contact nor did I ever have any conversations with him,” Nora Fatehi said in her testimony to the court.

Furthermore, Nora stated that it wasn’t until she was called by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with the Rs 215 crore extortion case that she discovered Sukesh Chandrashekhar was a conman. She said in her statement, “I had no clue about this and I never met him. The only time I saw him was when the ED confronted me with him at its office,”

Days after making an appearance before Delhi’s Patiala House Court and giving a recorded statement regarding the case, Nora Fatehi recently made a statement. Her declaration was used as proof, and she is now being handled as a witness in the current case.

The actor stated that she was not engaged in any form of money laundering and that she was merely a “victim” in the case involving conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Nora has been charged by the ED with obtaining expensive presents from the conman, including luxury cars, diamonds, and bags.

Sukesh Chandrashekhar is accused by the ED of giving Nora Fatehi a BMW in December 2020. However, the actress has insisted that Leena Maria, the conman’s wife, gave her the car in exchange for her taking part in a Chennai event. Currently jailed Chandrashekhar is suspected of defrauding numerous people, including prominent figures like Aditi Singh, wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh.