Nora Fatehi opens up on being bullied in Bollywood, says ‘They would laugh at me’

Nora Fatehi’s success is a slap on the face of bullies and an inspiration for all.


Moroccan beauty Nora Fatehi, who has established herself as one of the best dancers in ‘Bollywood’ with hits such as ‘Dilbar’, ‘Kamariya,’ ‘O Saki Saki,’ ‘Ek Toh Kam Zindagani,’ ‘Manohar,’ ‘Garmi,’ enjoys a huge fan following in India.

In her recent interview with a Dubai based Youtuber, Anas Bukhash, Nora Fatehi burst into tears as she opened up about the bullying she face in the initial days of her career. Nora Fatehi also added, “The struggle i went through, the bullying, the rejection, the traumatic experience.”

“It was so difficult because all you wanted to do was learn & be accepted & you’re getting the complete opposite back. It feels like the minute a door is opening, its closing in your face.” However, her journey to fame has been anything but easy.

“We were so excited and so naive. When i reached India, it was nothing like (what i had imagined). I was thinking I’ll get picked up by a limousine and a butler, they’re going to take me to a suite, and i would go to my auditions in that limousine. It was nothing like that. I had the biggest slap on my face. The bullying, the rejection, the traumatic experience that i went through,” she says, in the video she shared.