Nisha Rawal’s friend rubbishes Karan Mehra’s alimony allegations, says she was ready to sweep floors at McDonalds for her son

The news of television’s popular couple Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra’s fight has appalled everyone. Karan, who was imprisoned after Nisha had filed the complaint and later released on bail, made surprising revelations about his wife.

Nisha, on the other hand, had recently held a press conference, where she spoke about all the accusations that Karan has levelled against her. She also accepted that she is suffering from bipolar disorder but it was way back in 2014. She also said that it is a mood disorder and she is not a psycho.


She also revealed how Karan messed up with monetary things and added that for two months she lived with that ‘fractured toe’. Although for media it is an overnight thing, she said that a lot of her close friends like Rohit Verma and Munisha Khatwani knew that things were not great in her marriage.

Her close friend, who was present at the press conference, was quoted by the leading daily as saying, “I am witness to this. Nisha did not ask anything for herself from Karan. She only asked for her son’s alimony. She wanted him to just take care of the child’s education. She was looking for a job for the last few months and she was ready to work or even sweep the floor at McDonalds.”