Netizens bash Janhvi Kapoor for being rude during an interview; tag her as ‘unprofessional’ and ‘ungrateful’

Jahnvi Kapoor gets mocked for being rude online.


Janhvi Kapoor, the actress who plays Good Luck Jerry, was recently interviewed by Mirchi. However, it appears that the online community didn’t take it very well. After her interview, the Dhadak actress received vicious trolls for her conceit and lack of professionalism. The purpose of this interview was to promote Janhvi’s new film, Good Luck Jerry, which centres on the drug mobsters and how her character became entangled in it.

Jahnvi seemed hungry throughout her interview, and she explains why. Janhvi stated that this was her 20th interview and that she is sleep deprived, which is what makes her irritable. The actress said that she had just arrived and hadn’t gotten any sleep. Even throughout her gym session, she can’t recall what she accomplished due to exhaustion.
However, it appears that the internet was not pleased with her overall attitude during the interview. They hammered her from the left, right, and centre, calling her “unprofessional” and “ungrateful.” People also recalled her late mother, famed actress Sridevi, and remarked on her grace and professionalism.

Another issue that irked netizens was Janhvi’s easygoing demeanour. Janhvi was seen sitting on the couch with her legs raised, much as she did on Koffee with Karan. During the interview, she was spotted enjoying a scoop of ice cream, which enraged the crowd to a new level.