Neha Dhupia opens up about how was body-shamed for postpartum weight

Neha Dhupia became a mother for the second time this year. She discussed trolling she faced after gaining postpartum weight in-depth in a recent interview. She also praised her husband Angad Bedi for his constant support and encouragement.

Actress Neha Dhupia became a mother for the second time this year. Wishes poured on her newly expanded family from all over the world. While many people are congratulating her, some are born-negative and experts in finding mistakes.

In the latest interview, she said that she had been trolled for not losing weight after giving birth. She also appeared in the newly released film ‘A Thursday’ as a pregnant lady officer.


Neha discussed gaining postpartum weight in-depth in a recent interview. She also expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation and feels bad. She said, “Okay, first thing once, you have a baby, you don’t have time to check internet. So it’s fine, but one of time that you do it’s not nice. You know people don’t realize as a mother and a child, you go through the most important phase in your life that is the post trimester. It is the hardest and it is tough enough what we do as moms. It’s tough that you don’t wake up looking even half like this. You are in shambles. You are falling apart to come out even like I don’t even know between inside and outside 80 stitches so be kind to this person.”

The actress also questioned the trolls, claiming that every woman’s path is difficult. She explained, “And you know this person A- who are you who’s writing this? Are you a man who has never been through it, whoever sitting and writing this? Are you a woman who has never had a baby and writing this? So you have no idea. Are you the person who had the baby and writing this? That’s the worst. So, who are you? What gave you the authority? I mean, you know literally what’s your superpower that you just click six words and do like headline out of it or throw someone. What’s my superpower? I can give life. Can you match that?”

She even complimented her husband, Angad Bedi, on his constant support and encouragement. She further stated, “Hats off to him. He is always on my side and I keep telling him about my first day at the gym. He and I now don’t go at the same time because of the kids. But that first day, he was like- just listen I’m gonna go with you, literally holding my hands through like the first workout after an entire year coz you have your stitches, you have your weight, you feel odd, you are nursing your child, you feel very very heavy all the time. So we are a mix of everything.”

On the job front, Neha was recently seen in the film ‘Sanak,’ in which she portrayed a female officer. Vidyut Jammwal, Rukmini Maitra, and Chandan Roy Sanyal play the key characters in the film.