Neena Gupta opens up on marriages and separation

Neena Gupta said: “I have never seen a happy marriage, it is always full of compromises.”

Neena Gupta has been married to Vivek Sharma for a very long time, however, she doesn’t profess to be a relationship expert, essentially not yet. While talking at a special interaction for the Times Literature Festival, the actress imparted her direct opinions on how happy marriages are a rarity and that each individual has their specific manner of dealing with matrimonial discord.

Asked about her considerations on cheerful relationships, referred to from her tell-all autobiography titled ‘Sach Kahun Toh’, Neena chuckled and replied, “I haven’t seen a happy marriage around me so I don’t know. It’s always full of compromises. I don’t have an answer to this question myself. Each individual has to make their own choice according to what they’re looking for in life.” Neena was in conversation with Vinita Dawra Nangia, the Festival Director and Editor times.


Neena has brought up an issue in her memoir about individuals who stay trapped in unhappy marriages and left it to perusers to arrive at their decisions. She writes, “It takes courage to end a marriage, no doubt about it. But it is also a big trauma because once two people unite, their whole existence, their families are held together by a thread. When this thread starts to weaken, everyone suffers. But is it worth staying in this mess, refusing to let the thread snap, just to appease society? To keep up appearances?” She goes on to answer her question, “I don’t know. I hope my readers will have more insight into this.”

However at that point, Neena uncovers something at the Times Literature Festival that isn’t in her book, “I told my friend, ‘Your husband is womanizing, leave him already.’ My friend said, ‘Why should I? I will lose on a lot of things. When we were nothing, then I helped him, why should I leave now?’ What she told me about her relationship made sense to me.”

Talking about relationship dysfunction she said: “So, for each individual it is different, I cannot tell you that you should do this or that if your marriage is like this or that. I don’t know enough about it to comment on it.”