Naseeruddin Shah says, ‘There is No Movie Mafia in Bollywood’

Actor Nasseruddin Shah opens up on nepotism. Says its is all a blend of “certain imaginative minds”.

‘Bandish Bandits’ actor Naseeruddin Shah stated that there is no movie ‘mafia’ in Bollywood and it is all a blend of certain “imaginative minds”. In a conversation with India Today Television, he spoke the insider vs outsider debate, nepotism, and Bollywood mafia and more.

When he was asked about insider vs outsider debate, he said that he doesn’t understand this nonsense that is going on right now. According to him all these things are complete bullshit and should be put to an end. He further questioned everyone by asking why would not he, who has had a secure happy life as an actor, encourage his son to go into the same profession. He further said that, his sons did not get opportunities in this field just because they are Naseer Bhai’s sons, but because they were exposed to people and vice versa. He also said that veteran actor Om Puri did not come to Bombay with any kind of recommendations and that all these insider-outsider debate is bullshit. He later said that every individual who comes to the city to be an actor should realize that he might get a long, hard, lonely struggle ahead of him. Only learning the job and building contacts get anyone so far and further.

Regarding the movie ‘mafia’ topic which is going on, he said that it is all a concoction of certain imaginative minds. Naseeruddin Shah’s words were, “Naturally, I’ll give preference to people I like and the people who I work well with. If they also happen to be famous, or they happen to be the children of famous people, how the hell is it their fault?“ Further, the actor stated that there is no such thing called as mafia. Lastly, he claimed that although his progression was slow in his profession, but there were no obstacles which prevented to get him his deserving work since last 40-45 years in the industry.

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